Prime Rib vs. Ribeye

Prime Rib vs. Ribeye

There are different types of steak that you can obtain from a single beast. These cuts differ significantly and it is crucial that you know these differences so that you can perfectly cook the meat. For instance, prime rib vs ribeye is two delicious cuts of steak that you must periodically have if you want to enjoy the goodness of beef.

Major Differences Between Prime Rib And Ribeye

prime rib vs. ribeye steak
Ribeye steak

You may be wondering if prime rib and ribeye are the same but the convincing answer is that they are delicious portions of beef. Indeed, they have certain qualities that make them different but at the end of the day, you will realize that they make excellent meals. The major difference between these two portions of steak mainly relates to where they are obtained from a cow.

Ribeye steak is a portion of meat that is obtained from the section of the rib or rib roast which often includes the bone. For it to be called ribeye steak, the bone must be removed before cooking the meat. You are left with a fresh steak after removing the bone and this meat has certain qualities that make it different from the other portions of beef from the same cow.

On the other hand, prime rib comes from the same section just like ribeye. The only difference is that prime rib is the section of the steak that is cut from the rib roast after it has been cooked and it is larger compared to ribeye since it also includes the bone. Therefore, a prime rib is a larger version of the ribeye together with the bone.

When you cut a prime rib steak, it is larger and it can then be sliced into smaller pieces of meat that are called ribeyes. The other aspect is that a ribeye does not have large quantities of fat and muscle like the entire prime rib. A prime rib consists of a ribeye hence the major difference is related to the size of the cut.

prime rib vs ribeye roast
Prime Rib

Ribeyes are boneless and the steak can be expensive compared to meat that consists of bones. However, when the prime rib is ordered from a restaurant, it is expensive since it would be a large portion. The steak is prepared in its entire portion only to be cut into smaller pieces after it has already been cooked.

The texture of prime rib is a bit soft and moist since it comes from the less used muscle part of the cut. A ribeye cut tends to be tough due to the fact that it comes from the area of muscle that is exercised more during the cow’s life span. Both pieces of prime rib and ribeye have good flavors but prime rib is a bit advanced because it contains additional fate and a bone. The fat gives the prime rib additional source of flavor.

How to Cook Ribeye Steak?

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The methods of cooking these two types of steak depend on the size of which they are cut. With a ribeye, you can use any cooking method that you can apply to steak. You can grill the steak or you can also fry it using a pan and controlled heat that you desire. You can monitor the steak grilling until you are satisfied by its level of readiness.

A rib eye can do well with medium to high temperature but if the piece is thick, it is essential to use lower temperature in the oven. You can decide if the ribeye is ready by constantly monitoring the rate at which it is grilling.

A prime rib roast involves specific stages such as thawing it and making sure that it is completely seasoned before you attempt to grill or roast it. Since prime rib is bigger in size, it requires slow cooking with moderately low heat. This will help it to spread evenly to different parts of the steak so that it does not just show signs of readiness on the exterior while the interior is not ready. The cooking period for prime rib is longer so that the heat reaches the center of the portion.   

Preparing prime rib can be a bit tricky and you can get it ready in steakhouses. Prime rib also tends to be cheaper than ribeye in restaurants since it is easier for them to cook large portions of meat instead of smaller portions. The issue of price varies depending on the place where you buy your meat.

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The major difference between prime rib and ribeye is that the former is a big roast while the later consists of smaller cuts. However, they come from the same rib portion but a bone is removed first before cooking ribeye steak. 

The ribeye steak is boneless which makes cooking it relatively easy and faster compared to prime rib.

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