How To Select The Best Magnetic Dart Board – Here Is The Key!

How To Select The Best Magnetic Dart Board – Here Is The Key!

Despite being a beginner or profession at darts game, there are times you will be distracted by picking up the best magnetic dart board because now there are a variety of magnetic dart boards sold on the market. Therefore, you should embrace a detailed know-how on this matter.

And here you have what you need – a step-by-step buying guide. What are you waiting for? Check it out!


Best Magnetic Dart Board: Buying Guide 

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The content below is all about many main factors for you to consider before buying a magnetic dartboard. Let’s explore what they are!

1. Type

First and foremost, the type of magnetic dartboard is a factor you can’t ignore. In general, roll-up and standard are known to be two main types of magnetic dartboards.

When it comes to the roll-up magnetic dartboards, they are usually made of fabric materials mixed with many kinds of metal. Thus, these products are highly portable so that you can hang them anywhere you like. However, compared to standard magnetic dartboards, roll-up ones sadly have smaller target faces.

Another main type is standard magnetic dartboards, known to be made of plastic outlier and metal. We recommend using this kind of magnetic dartboard indoors only because its metal materials will be easily degraded outdoors. Also, this standard one is suitable for children and adults since it will give them a lot of fantastic experiences of darts games.

2. Size

The second feature you need to think about is the size of the magnetic dartboard. One thing you need to know is that only 18” dartboards are used in the tournaments. Therefore, this factor is extremely vital for professional players to select the best magnetic dart board. 

As mentioned earlier, most of all standard magnetic dart boards have larger target faces, which are 16” regulation size. Besides, roll-up boards are often produced with smaller target faces, about 11” or 12”. Generally, it’s up to you to choose a magnetic dartboard with a narrow or wide target area.

3. Weight

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On average, magnetic dart boards are proven to be so lightweight that you could freely move them. Two main kinds of magnetic dartboards, which are roll-up and standard, weigh roughly 2 lbs. 

This weight clearly enables children to bring the boards without hurdles. Additionally, many magnetic products are one or even 4 lbs, but they are still somewhat portable for users. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the weight of magnetic dartboards.

4. Darts

As far as we’ve concerned, these magnetic dart boards regularly go with 6-12 darts. These darts are usually designed according to bottle-cap or flat-headed patterns. 

If you require the best magnetic dart board, you should choose the product with neodymium darts due to their excellent adhesion ability to the target face. Please don’t pick up many low-grade soft-tipped darts as they will destroy your target area little by little.

5. Board Installation

Multiple magnetic dart boards are believed to be easy for gamers to install. Interestingly, there are many certain products that are significantly quicker to install. 

To be specific, you can use a string to install roll-up and standard dartboards rapidly by spiking in the wall and hanging a hook on that. Moreover, for other magnetic products, you need to install a solid hook to keep it up from behind. Nevertheless, this approach can place a limit on the areas you can hang the board.

6. Warranty

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Every magnetic dartboard offers different kinds of warranty. These days, many products offer a warranty within 12 months or only one month. Fortunately, some magnetic dartboard brands that even allow you to return the bought product. 

These brands are a perfect choice for you in case your chosen darts products exist with some particular defects. Plus, you should be aware of the amount of time you must return them when your dart boards come in trouble. All in all, please opt for the best magnetic dart board with a satisfying guarantee.

5 Best Magnetic Dart Boards On Amazon 

Here is the list of five best magnetic dart boards you can refer to:

1. RaboSky Magnetic Dartboard

2. Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dartboard 

3. Double-sided Magnetic Dartboard

4. Mixi Magnetic Dartboard

5. TriMagic Magnetic Dartboard

Final Call

Now, if you hold our key above, we bet that you can reward the best magnetic dart board for yourself to gain a lot of amazing experiences in the darts game.

Last but not least, in case you are still perplexed by this purchase, just select one of five listed products we have suggested for you.

Good luck!

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